“Every moving thing that lives shall be food for you. And as I gave you the green plants, I give you everything.” (Genesis 9:3)
Every day is a blessing
bless is a Cold Pressed Juice company based in Hong Kong. Teamed up with a group of enthused individuals who embrace the ethos of restoring our lives back to balance. We envisioned that a natural diet is the key to live a healthy lifestyle.

bless is the reason why natural is exceptional – our dietitian and nutritionist strive hard to create a great range of nutritional cold pressed juices that will nourish your bodies from the inside out.

We work together to offer the most unique customer experience possible and also meet your very needs with our superior consultation services, cold pressed juice introductions, efficient delivery services and healthy range of raw juice and food.

Our aims are not just a juice company but to inspire and innovate a healthy diet which have no compromise in taste, which stand us apart from existing juice companies.
Nature coevolved with homo sapiens, and we are blessed with everything exist in it.

We believe in an eccentric concept that the foods we were blessed with exist in the way they are meant to be consumed and the tampering of such balance is the prime drive against our health. This is the idealism which inspires us to bridge the path between natural blessing and ones we care for.

We started all these on dedicating our work to patients in desperate needs, to nurture their body with the blessing of earth but the taste of our love. Through sweet and bitter, we learnt that illness is more often harbored than triggered, so we took a step further for you.

With comprehensive researches, our solution began to expand beyond caring for desperate measures, they became the answer to a balanced yet colorful lifestyle.

And here we are, constantly developing and striving to be better, because we believe our products and spirits are never the end-game.

We are BLESS.
Your Diet is our Scientific Artwork
We believe that there is no singular solution for everyone, but we are the solution for you. With personal consultation, our dedicated nutritionist team ensures our offering to you suits every aspect that your body would crave for. All you need to do is give us your concern and we will take it from there.
BSc, Nutrition & Dietetics (NL)

Silvia Lam is a registered dietitian from The Netherlands who graduated in Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences with a Bachelors degree of Nutrition & Dietetics. She had provided full consultancy services for a number of hospitals and health centers in Amsterdam. Silvia has wide experience in clinical dietetics including diabetes, cardiovascular health, oncology and obesity. Most recently she has joined bless as a nutrition consultant due her passion for raw food and her beliefs of body’s ability to heal itself with natural remedies.

Elea Chan is a nutritionist who is specialized in women’s and pediatric nutrition. She works with children and their families to learn how to make healthy food choices and keep their body’s healthy through nutrition and activity. Nutrition is the foundation of a healthy life – educating children & families about nutrition is her passion. In addition, she regularly has been invited to give lectures at kindergarten, community centers, sport centers and corporations. Currently, Elea has joined bless as a nutrition consultant and focuses on developing new recipes and provides professional nutritional consulting services.